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Whether you're an experienced tax professional, just getting started as a bookkeeper or want a total career change, the one thing everyone at Shoebox has in common: we’re passionate about our people!
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we put our people first, always

Successful Shoebox franchise owners come from all walks of life - but all share the driving ambition to run their own thriving business. Depending on your goals and experience, we have a bookkeeping and a tax franchise model available – both with the potential to achieve huge success and create the work-life balance we work hard to give franchise owners.

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Where to from here? The goal of the Shoebox Franchise Discovery Process is for you to learn about our franchise system while our team discovers who you are and what you are trying to accomplish by owning your own business. We’re a people-focused franchise, love learning about our potential franchise owners and making sure we support you the whole process. The Discovery Process can be anywhere from a 30 to 75-day process. As a new franchise applicant, we expect you to be able to achieve a point of clarity and sign a franchise agreement within this time frame if you’re awarded a franchise.